Step-up your investment game with the EXANTE brokerage company

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The EXANTE broker was established by Kiriyenko and Knyazev. The office headquarters are located in London. 
The broker allows you to trade with more than 150'000 different instruments, including 10'000+ different stocks and ETFs, more than 6'000+ different options, 200+ various investment funds, including hedge funds, as well as 20+ digital currencies. 
It has access to approximately 60 exchanges. The selection includes the major exchanges from all of the regions in the world. 
It is important to keep in mind that one can become acquainted with the full list of instruments only by logging into a live or demo account. Yet, none of the clients have taken this the bad way as the number of new clients of brokerage company EXANTE has grown by 121% in the last years. 
The broker does not offer trust management. They also don't provide ready-made investment strategies. Additionally, there hasn't been a very pronounced segmentation between traders who engage in trading only with a particular kind of instrument. The broker attracts independent clients who are used to independent work. 
In contrast to different brokers, this company does not conduct any lessons in investing. However, the broker has developed its role as an opinion leader by releasing frequent reviews and op-eds. The broker is active in providing how-to videos of working with the platform on youtube, however, the range of tops covered is still comparatively small. 
The videos that are not related to the technical how-to of the platform are videos on algorithmic trading and the use of the FIX protocol. In order to try your luck in trading, you should first try looking at the DEMO version of the platform, despite its high functionality, the quotes are delayed by 30 minutes from the LIVE version. 
EXANTE trading platform 
An important aspect to keep in mind is that the brokerage company EXANTE is one of the rare brokers who have developed their own trading platform. You can use it from your desktop, browser and mobile device. The main benefit of the ATP EXANTE platform is the user-friendly interface. It’s very responsive and intuitive. Traders who have previously used Metatrader will have no trouble working with EXANTE's solution.  
The platform's interface is highly intuitive. Firstly, it is organized following different financial instruments. These groups correspond to the classical distribution, namely,  bonds, futures, stocks and so on. 
The company founded by Alexey Kirienko offers you the opportunity to trade on the largest financial markets in the world from a single, multi-currency account.  Moreover, the drag-n-drop function allows you to examine every instrument by dragging it to the 'chart' field. Additionally,no dialog boxes are required to quickly open and close your positions.
Everything is done with just one click. Let's examine a practical situation, to put a purchase request, the trader only has to click “buy”, selecting the desired price. This will instantaneously show at the quotes table. To do the opposite, the trader has to click on the “x” symbol to remove it. This convenience allows the traders to spend as much time trading, not worrying about the technical nuances. Countless EXANTE broker reviews online, will justify that the majority of the broker's client's are very satisfied with the technical performance of the platform.  
Additionally, you can also group multiple assets in one window in order to make transactions. Traders eager to engage in algorithmic trading, the software holds a section with the TSLab software package. The “Account” module allows you to quickly look at the trading history/success of the previous days, and in particular, its calendar icon. This allows you to select a particular time frame, the performance of which to observe. 
Another aspect highly appreciated by traders is the FIX high-speed information transfer protocol. It seems that out of the minority of brokers who provide this service, only a few do it for free. Fortunately, EXANTE is ready to serve its clients. Thus, don't postpone becoming acquainted with the platform.  

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